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At Chamberlain, we are passionate about translating science into meaningful stories that inspire action. At the end of every day, if we have empowered consumers and providers to create better health outcomes, then we know we’ve done our job.

For the past 20 years, our clients — from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies to small non-profit patient groups — have relied on us to communicate their information to the audiences that really matter. Let us tell you more about who we are.

Chamberlain is an inVentiv Health company, and part of a global communications network with 13,000 employees in 40 countries.

Who we are - Honest counselors, passionate partners, and more than a few science geeks

We believe a healthcare public relations agency should...

  • do more than write press releases that pass your review committee.
  • work with clients to create a cohesive vision for achieving social, behavioral, and intellectual change for patient health — and for the way a company's brand lives and grows.
  • live the clients' business, becoming true long-term strategic partners — the people you want to call for advice when times are tough, and celebrate with after a job well done.

Let us tell you more about what we do.

Executive Vice President
Whether a company is large or small, Susan is the right fit for your needs. That's because for more than two decades, Susan has been helping companies of all shapes and sizes to navigate the opportunities and challenges of an evolving healthcare landscape. During this time, she has developed insight-driven strategic communications programs that shape perceptions, position brands, protect reputation and mobilize stakeholders. This allowed her to gain experience across a wide range of medical and therapeutic areas, including neuroscience, rheumatology, pain management, gastroenterology, oncology, mental health, allergy and respiratory care, women's health, ophthalmology, infectious disease, and medical device, diagnostic and hospital-based products.
Executive Vice President
A lot has changed in the world of public relations since Bob joined Chamberlain in 2005, but one thing that has remained consistent is his commitment to creating innovative, strategic and impactful programming for his clients. Bob has significant experience across both scientific communications—overseeing multiple molecules from pipeline through approval and beyond—as well as consumer programming, executing many large-scale educational initiatives. At Chamberlain, Bob has led award-winning programming in CNS, diabetes, oncology, pain management and autoimmune disorders.
Senior Vice President
Michelle's secret super power is her keen understanding of what makes people tick and she leverages this talent, in collaboration with her clients and teams, to create compelling, strategic communications programs that resonate with the media and the public. She is passionate about the ability of effective communication to facilitate change, build relationships and to make complex information accessible to those who need to understand it. Throughout her 15 year career she has overseen communications for blockbuster prescription brands, small non-profits, consumer health products, biotechs and government agencies. In the last several years, she has focused communications programs that achieve corporate goals while empowering consumer health and wellness.
Senior Vice President
Healthcare is increasingly global and our communications strategies need to reflect the same perspective. During more than a decade with Chamberlain, Katherine has embodied our unique global approach with experience leading innovative programming across our dual headquarters in New York and London. Katherine's public relations experience spans several therapeutic areas, including, cardiovascular, oncology and CNS. She has managed a wide variety of public health initiatives and campaigns on behalf of industry and counseled a range of medical associations and patient advocacy organizations. Katherine is responsible for strategic coordination with our London-based team and providing global insights to the firm's international client portfolio.
Managing Director
Michelle is the woman you want by your side when the going gets tough. In any typical day for Michelle, she is counseling senior executives, interpreting complex data, and planning creative patient engagement campaigns, all while keeping a focused eye on her clients' long-term strategic goals. Over the last 16 years, Michelle has led groundbreaking work in oncology, cardiovascular, CNS, and diabetes. In addition to client work, Michelle has a passion for training and growing staff and has been responsible for building internal offerings, such as Chamberlain University and Chamberlain's Oncology Center of Excellence.
Who we are - Honest counselors, passionate partners, and more than a few science geeks
Brand &

Data Strategy &
From phase 1 to post-marketing, Chamberlain provides a strategic approach to communicating data, reaching the right media at the right time to ensure the news reaches the right people. Our clients' data are regularly featured in media from Internal Medicine Today and to Wall Street Journal and CBS News.
Message &
Content Development
We examine the data, research the audience perspective, competitor positioning, and market landscape; all to synthesize and develop the most compelling messages and content for the brand, issue, or company. Our messages are always based in science — and focused on the patient.
Patient advocates are both consumers of news and newsmakers. Naturally, they are an important audience for any healthcare client. We have long relationships with many of the most influential healthcare advocacy groups in many therapeutic areas.
National &
From small local events to supporting a rare disease community to nationwide multichannel disease awareness campaigns, the Chamberlain team develops creative, credible, and constructive programming to reach consumers, healthcare providers, and the media.
Issues &
Crisis Management
The Chamberlain approach thoroughly prepares our clients to communicate about issues — and to respond quickly and responsibly to a developing crisis.
& Management
Choosing the right spokesperson should go beyond finding the principal investigator or the latest celebrity with a diagnosis. Chamberlain starts with the desired audience and works from there to determine who will resonate most. We help prepare spokespeople for media interaction, helping them to understand what to say and how to say it to best represent themselves and the brand, campaign, or issue.
Traditional &
Social Media
With deep relationships in healthcare and business media, Chamberlain's media experts do more than pitch and place; they provide expert counsel that ensures results. Every account team is trained in social media and understands when and how to use it appropriately and successfully in the healthcare environment.
Media Campaigns
The Chamberlain team translates complex science for lay audiences, and then adds the emotional elements that persuade consumers to make healthy changes. Online, in print, or in person — wherever the consumer audience is, we will develop a campaign that goes there too.
Who we are - Honest counselors, passionate partners, and more than a few science geeks

Naturally, we believe our employees are the best in the business. And Chamberlain has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Just like our clients, employees like to settle in with us for the long term. But we are always growing and interested in hearing from top talent who want to join our team.

Chamberlain employees are committed to personal growth and team performance. And while excellent client service is always top priority, leadership at Chamberlain is dedicated to providing a harmonious life-work balance.

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Therapeutic specialties

Our agency has communicated some of the most promising CV trial data of the past decade, and through the years, we have developed deep relationships with leading cardiologists and advocacy organizations, including the American Heart Association, the American Society of Hypertension, the Sister to Sister Foundation, the National Lipid Association, and the National Stroke Association.

Diseases of the skin are often the first thing patients seek to treat, but the last to work to prevent. We know how to communicate about both treatment and prevention in this space. Our collective staff experience spans the universe of dermatology products from topicals to injections and infusions. Our expertise includes actinic keratosis, acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and warts.

We have launched new diabetes treatments, partnered with the community to drive disease understanding, and created new educational vehicles for people with diabetes through gaming and social media. In 2010, we created the first diabetes education game on Facebook®, called HealthSeeker, which has generated thousands of fans and active users.

Chamberlain’s efforts in infectious disease directly target superbug resistance, which is a continuing challenge to the healthcare industry. Recognizing our clients’ need to simultaneously differentiate and educate, we provide innovative communications strategies to target all stakeholders.

The Chamberlain team has long-standing experience delving into neuroscience and explaining it in the socially charged context of patients and families living with diseases of the mind. We understand the political and cultural environment that complicates communications in this space, and have spent years shaping the standards by which the media addresses new developments and discoveries about the brain.

From early clinical development to access and reimbursement, we have strong insights into the needs of people living with cancer, as well as an understanding of the scientific data that drive relevant conversations in the healthcare community. Our oncology expertise is rooted in breast cancer, clinical trial awareness, hematology, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and supportive care.

Chamberlain knows how difficult it can be to navigate the pain community. We believe that validating the patient experience and recognizing the challenges patients and their doctors face is essential to successful PR programming in this category. Our efforts have reached professional and consumer audiences through regulatory milestones, large-scale celebrity campaigns, data dissemination at U.S. and global medical meetings and relationships with advocacy groups.